1 Song Mastering

Below are a few of the steps taken during the mastering process:

- Noise Reduction
- Equalization
- Tube Compression
- Mastering Reverb
- Peak Limiting
- Adding Ambience
- Stereo Widening
- Bass Enhancement
- Maximization
- Dynamic Expansion
- Fades/Crossfades
- Text/ISRC Encoding
- Complete CD Mastering


NOTE: This service goes for only Mastering the Stereo Wav File. If you would like Stem Mastering then please click here "Stem Mastering".

1 Song Mastering

    Fine-tuning of levels
    Loudness (have your song ready for streaming platforms)
    Stereo Spread
    Multi-Band Compression


    These are examples of how mixing and mastering work in the before and after process of Audio Mixing Mastering.  In order to ensure that the download and playback times remain small, they are taken as lossy 160kb/s mp3 files. This should create a great experience of what mixing and mastering are and how it helps to create a great song. To make sure the listener has a great experience at all times, the sample volumes are turned up. So we implore that a person listens with a good headphone to hear the little changes implemented.

    BEFORE Mixing And Mastering - DracoArtist Name
    00:00 / 00:59
    AFTER Mixing And Mastering - DracoArtist Name
    00:00 / 01:08

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